Man Banned From Yellowstone National Park For Frying Chickens In Hot Spring

An Idaho man has been banned for life from Yellowstone National Park after allegedly attempting to fry chickens in one of the park’s hot springs. Authorities discovered the man in a prohibited area of the park after rangers received reports of a group of people heading toward the thermal geysers at Shoshone Geyser Basin with cooking pots in hand on August 7, according to East Idaho News.

  1. The man and two others seemed to be planning a cookout. When rangers caught up to the group, they discovered the reported cooking pot as well as two chickens in a burlap sack. In total, the group consisted of three people. However, only the man and two others were cited for foot travel in a thermal area. The unnamed man was also ordered to appear at a Mammoth Hot Springs court.
  2. The man pleaded guilty to the charges against him. Appearing in court on September 10, he pleaded guilty to the citation and accepted a $600 fine as well as two years of probation.
  3. He’s been effectively banned from Yellowstone. Throughout his two year probationary period, he’s prohibited from entering Yellowstone National Park. If he enters the park at any point, he risks being arrested.
  4. Bottom line? Don’t cook things at hot springs. Whether at Yellowstone or elsewhere, nature’s hot springs may be impressive, but they’re certainly not meant to double as deep fat fryers. Keep your chickens and other food items for cooking at home, where they belong.
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