Man Slapped After Proposing To Girlfriend With Gummy Ring At Baseball Game

A man’s marriage proposal to his girlfriend at a baseball game ended in a slap. In a video shared on the TikTok account @canadianpartylife, the man can be seen getting down on one knee at the Rogers Centre in Toronto on Sunday, October 2. However, the romantic moment was cut short when the bride-to-be saw the ring. Needless to say, the crowd got quite a shock and the clip shared online immediately went viral.


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The girlfriend looked so excited! A baseball game proposal is certainly a memorable engagement story, so when the woman in the video realizes what was going on, the excitement is clear on her face. However, that smile soon turns into a frown when the boyfriend pulls out the ring box.

The ring wasn’t a ring at all — it was candy. Before popping the question, the man pulls his girlfriend in for a kiss and tells her he loves her. Then, in the middle of the crowded baseball game, he launches into his proposal. He pulls out the black ring box and opens it, revealing a gummy ring instead of a diamond one.

The girlfriend is not impressed. Instead of laughing at the lighthearted joke, the woman immediately becomes furious and smacks her boyfriend across the face. Onlookers can’t believe what they’re witnessing and can be seen in the background looking incredibly shocked. The girlfriend can be heard asking “What the f**k is wrong with you?” before throwing a drink in his face and stomping off.

There’s been a lot of debate online about the video. Many people believe that the man was in the wrong for humiliating his girlfriend. After all, who stages a joke proposal at a crowded baseball game? “Humiliate the one you love in front [of] thousands?” one commenter asked. “Should [have] been a real diamond. Run girl! I would [have] done the same. It’s called self-worth.” However, others believe the woman is too high-maintenance, arguing, “That’s an indication of how the rest of his life would go marrying her… move on dude.”

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