Man Begs To Be Hexed By Social Media Witches So He Can Prove They’re ‘Nonsense’

A man on TikTok has been begging social media witches to hex him so he can prove once and for all that they’re scammers. Ethan Keiser is sick of so many people falling prey to the witches’ so-called “power” and handing over their hard-earned cash for total “nonsense.” So far, it seems he’s still truckin’…


Watch for yourself. Youll see that this is all nonesense! #witchtok #science #greenscreen

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“Magic isn’t real,” Ethan says. In one recent video, Ethan reveals that he’s been trying to solicit hexes from online witches. “I’ve asked every single witch on TikTok that claims they have powers to hex me,” he said. “A lot of people are saying that I am playing with fire. I am sacrificing myself to show all of you this is nonsense because I don’t want you to spend money on these people and get scammed.”

One witch in particular went the extra mile. She told Ethan she’d be glad to hex him, but she needed him to send her a photo of himslf, a shirt, as well as samples of his hair and nails. She claimed the hex would take effect anywhere from three days to three weeks later, but two weeks in, Ethan was doing just fine.

Witches and other mystics are extremely popular on social media. On TikTok alone, the hashtag #WitchTok has nearly 31 billion views. Those who post on the tag tend to make predictions or give warnings of terrible events to come… all for views. However, Keiser has branded them frauds.

So why haven’t any of the witches’ hexes worked on Ethan? Some of them claimed that because he was expecting the hex, it made the hex unviable. Others claimed that the hex wasn’t on him but on future generations. Another so-called witch claimed that she cast “protection spells” on Ethan so that the hexes were counteracted.

The responses Ethan got were pretty mixed. Many posted joking comments about the ridiculousness of social media witches. “If they get their spirits to pay my bills maybe I’ll believe,” one person joked. However, there were some who seemed legitimately scared for Ethan’s well-being. “Bro is playing with his life,” one said. In the meantime, it looks like Ethan is doing just fine.


The only rational answer is im a wizard? 🧙‍♂️ This video is not bullying. Ive only shared the facts of the past two weeks and made no statement of my own. #witchtok #science #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

♬ 28 Days Later – Main Theme – Geek Music

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