Random Man Breaks Into Woman’s Car And Relieves His Bowels Everywhere

An Ohio woman who was happily shopping with her two children was horrified when she returned to her car to find it had not only been broken into but the perpetrator had emptied his bowels all over the vehicle’s interior. Jeana Fidler had assumed her car would be safe in the shopping center’s parking lot, but after this, she knows otherwise!

  1. Jeana accidentally left the car unlocked. We’ve all accidentally forgotten to lock our cars, but sadly, this was a bad time to do it. A man got inside and dropped his pants before squatting and defecating all over the inside of the car. He was spotted sitting in the car by Jeana’s son.
  2. She shared her horrific story as well as photos on Facebook. “I went to the grocery store after baseball practice at Kroger in Canton with my kids and came out to find someone sitting INSIDE in the driver’s side seat of MY car,” she wrote in a now-deleted post. “I had my keys with me, I thought it was locked but I guess not. The driver’s side door was slightly open and It freaked my oldest son (age 11) and he found him sitting in the driver’s seat and said ‘Mom, there’s someone inside our van.'”
  3. Jeana immediately told the man to get out of the car. As if finding a stranger breaking into your car isn’t bad enough, once Jeana confronted him and told him to get out, he began pooing all over the seat. “I told him to get out of my car! And he literally starting sh***ing diarrhea and it leaking out the bottom of his basketball shorts everywhere inside my new van,” Jeana recounted.
  4. Thankfully, the man was arrested. Jeana immediately called police and the man was taken into custody, but no one was willing to help her deal with her van. “Now I have to clean up this mess MYSELF. It’s saturated in my seat and in the carpet on the floor boards. I am so over it today,” she wrote. “Thanks to Ashley at Kroger for helping me with the supplies to clean up the mess and Canton PD for coming to help out. What a mess. Why do things like this happen to me… why? I cant catch a break.” This is pretty crappy luck, so to speak!
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