Man Builds Wife’s Chickens A Mini “Coop Town” And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

A particularly crafty husband has made the ultimate gesture of love by building an entire mini “coop town” for his wife’s chickens. Colleen Thermos took to Facebook in early April to share photos of the meticulously detailed and impressively constructed town and frankly, I’m not sure which part I like most. It’s all incredible!

They’ve thought of everything! The mini coop town consists of plenty of different buildings for the chickens to hang out in, from livery stables and a saloon to a blacksmith, hotel, cafe, and a feeding station known as Rooster’s Ridge. The old Western-style store and business fronts are really well done and also pretty hilarious. I mean chickens in a saloon! Go figure.

There’s even a jail! A mini coop town needs a place to put naughty chickens who just can’t follow the town’s rules, which is why Thermos’ husband made sure to include a “jail” building. That should ensure the birds behave!

This must have taken so much time and effort! While many people would just have their chickens stay in a standard coop, the fact that this husband decided to go to such great lengths to build so many buildings with such intense details to create the coop town is inspiring.

This is actually a really popular idea. You wouldn’t think it if you don’t own your own chickens, but those who do seem to be quite fond of building their own coop towns for the flock to enjoy. There are tutorials online with instructions on how you can make your own, so if you have some backyard space and own chickens or would like to, you know what to do!

These chickens have it made. Even cats and dogs don’t get such detailed abodes. (Well, not usually.) These sure are some lucky chickens. I bet they love it!

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