Man Who Repeatedly Called 911 To Report That He Was Tired Will Get Time To Rest In Jail

Man Who Repeatedly Called 911 To Report That He Was Tired Will Get Time To Rest In Jail Vanderburgh County Jail

An Indiana man who repeatedly called 911 to tell dispatchers that he was “tired” will get plenty of time to rest after he was sentenced to two months in jail. Daniel Schroeder, 61, was arrested at his home in Evansville after ringing up emergency services four times in a row, with a police report saying that “the male caller kept calling in stating that he was tired.” Don’t know how much sleep he’ll get behind bars, but he should be able to kick up his heels and relax a bit!

  1. Schroeder is a serial abuser of the 911 system. Only a day before he made the calls about being tired, he pleaded guilty to prior misuse of the emergency system. He’d previously repeatedly called 911 to report that he was mad at a female relative who “was not following his rules.
  2. The first time, the judge gave him the benefit of the doubt. Instead of sending him to six months in jail, the judge suspended the sentence “on the condition the defendant does not call 911 unless it is an emergency.” He violated those conditions the very next day.
  3. Schroeder’s suspended sentence was immediately revoked. Prosecutors filed the motion to revoke the suspension that day, and Schroeder again pleaded guilty to unlawful use of 911. He was then sentenced to 60 days in Vanderburg County jail for the misdemeanor after his earlier sentence was amended.
  4. He’s no stranger to the law. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Schroeder has four previous convictions for driving while intoxicated as well as leaving the scene of an accident and narcotics possession. No word on whether or not he was under the influence at the time of the most recent 911 offenses, but it’s a pretty safe bet the answer is yes.
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