Man Receives Death Threats After Questioning If Vegan Cafe Serves Cow’s Milk

A farmer in Wales has revealed that he’s received death threats after questioning if vegan cafes also offer cow’s milk. Gareth Wyn Jones started a discussion on Facebook about the pros and cons of both dairy and plant-based milk, writing, “Is this Caffi just using plant-based fluids and not using natural local milk? Am I wrong? Can anyone help?” However, he accompanied the post with photos of Caffi Clywedog’s menu, and people didn’t take too kindly to that.


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  1. Gareth insists he wasn’t attacking Caffi Clywedog in particular. Still, that didn’t stop dozens of supporters from coming forward on the shop’s behalf, criticizing Gareth for his question, berating him, and even vowing to attack him if they were to encounter the farmer in person. “People were saying I put the dogs on them [the café] but that’s not true,” he explained. “I wasn’t disrespectful or obnoxious. I didn’t say the café should be shut down, I just asked a simple question.”
  2. Gareth started receiving serious threats to his life. One person wrote: “Better hope and pray I don’t find you.” Another added: “I’ll take your whole bloodline out if that means there won’t be innocent animals dying you rape and kill there family. They have fellings to [sic],” NorthWales Live reports.
  3. He ended up having to report the threats to the police. Not only that, but he promises that he’ll push for convictions on anyone who’s caught making these nasty comments to him. “These are the type of people who kill your animals and set your barns on fire,” Gareth said. “They are not to be messed around with. The messages didn’t bother me too much, but my wife was very worried and upset last night.”
  4. Caffi Clywedog has also suffered in all of this. According to a statement, the cafe has also received “messages of hate” and a “surge of unexpected online abuse.”
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