Man Dies After Using Epoxy Adhesive Instead Of Condom Before Sex

An Indian man is dead after using a high-powered epoxy adhesive in place of a condom before sex. The incident, which occured at a hotel in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on June 22, was said to have been the tragic result of the couple trying to prevent pregnancy, according to the Times of India. Sadly, the faux pas cost the man his life as he went into fatal organ failure as a result.

  1. The couple was caught on CCTV entering the hotel. According to police, Salman Mirza of Fatehwadi and his partner were seen entering the hotel on CCTV. “Several witnesses said that Mirza, along with his former fiancée, both of whom were addicted to drugs, had gone to a hotel in Juhapura,” the officer revealed. “There, they applied an epoxy adhesive on his private parts as they were not carrying any protection.”
  2. They didn’t just put the epoxy on the man’s private parts. News18 reports that both the deceased man and his female partner suffered from drug addiction and mixed the epoxy with “whitener” before inhaling the mixture for a “kick.” They were extremely high at the time of the fatal accident.
  3. Mirza’s friends found him before he died. However, Firoz Shaik said that Mirza was unconscious in some shrubs near an apartment complex when he came upon him. Shaik took Mirza home, but he continued to get worse and was taken to Sola Civil Hospital.
  4. Sadly, Mirza was killed by “multiple organ failure.” As a direct result of putting the epoxy on his body and inhaling the toxic substance, Mirza lost his life. He was described as the “only earning” breadwinner in the family, which includes two sisters as well as his elderly parents. A police inquiry is said to be underway.
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