Man Who Drinks 7 Pints Of His Own Urine Every Day Claims He Never Gets Sick

A German man who drinks seven pints of his own urine every day claims that the ritual keeps him from getting sick. Jan Schünemann, from Hamburg, told the Daily Mail that he considers ingesting his own pee to be akin to “the body’s own vaccination,” a theory he regularly shares with his Instagram and YouTube followers. While some might call it unconventional at best, Jan is sure he’s doing the right thing.

  1. Jan doesn’t just drink his urine. While drinking your own pee is unhygienic to say the least, Jan doesn’t stop there. He also applies it to his skin and puts it in his eyes and ears with a syringe.
  2. He claims pee is the secret to good health and high energy. Jan says that since he started drinking his own pee, he’s felt full of energy and also hasn’t gotten sick, other than when he eats junk food, apparently. He also claims that the pee ritual keeps him from needing more than four to seven hours of sleep a night.
  3. Urine gives him a “better quality of life.” Jan insists that urine has “everything the body needs” to ensure good health despite the fact that actual medical professionals warn that it can cause damage to the kidneys and introduce bacteria into your system. You choose who to take your lifestyle advice from here.
  4. It cured his depression too! When Jan discovered the idea of Shivambu Kalpa, or urine therapy, online, he knew he had to try it. After only drinking his pee once, he immediately felt a mental boost and knew he planned to continue. It’s been an easy ritual to uphold. “It’s very natural and accessible for every human being,” he insisted.
  5. Even if people don’t get it, Jan is staying strong in his love of urine therapy. He realizes that it’s still not conventional in regular society and insists that urine drinking helps his quality of life but ultimately, “it’s all about balance.” He added, “It doesn’t matter what anybody else says or thinks because you are only here for your own experience anyway.”

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