Man Driving Stolen Car Crashes Into Woman Driving Another Stolen Car

Man Driving Stolen Car Crashes Into Woman Driving Another Stolen Car Newberg-Dundee Police Department

An Oregon man and woman were arrested after a car crash revealed that both vehicles involved in the accident had been reported stolen. Randy Lee Cooper and Kristin Nicole Begue were both arrested by Newberg-Dundee earlier this month and booked into the local jail on various charges. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the collision.

  1. The accident was the result of a police chase. Newberg-Dundee police were trying to apprehend Cooper after they received reports of a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser driving through downtown, the New York Post reports. They located Cooper and a pursuit followed.
  2. The pursuit ended when Cooper crashed into a car close to an intersection. From there, police were able to apprehend Cooper, from Portland, and place him under arrested. However, things were about to get a whole lot weirder when they ran the license plate number of the other car involved in the accident.
  3. The second car was stolen too. It had been reported as stolen three weeks earlier in a completely unrelated incident. Kristin Nicole Begue was identified as the driver of the second vehicle and she was also found to be under the influence, though it’s unclear whether it was drugs or alcohol (or both) in her system.
  4. Cooper and Begue both faced several charges. They included attempting to evade police, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, reckless driving, and assault. As for Begue, she also got a charge for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle as well as driving under the influence. It has not been reported when either suspect will appear in court or what prison sentence, if any, either might face.
  5. This kind of thing doesn’t happen every day. A stolen car being crashed is one thing, but what are the chances that it would hit another car that was also stolen? The police probably weren’t expecting to solve two crimes in one day, but there you go!
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