Man Ends Up In Emergency Room After Trying To Have Sex With Wife Through A Door

Man Ends Up In Emergency Room After Trying To Have Sex With Wife Through A Door TLC UK

A man has revealed that he ended up in the emergency room after he tried to have sex with his wife through a door. Erik and Katie appeared on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER to share their story, which is pretty funny in hindsight but would have been anything but at the time. What started as a goofy joke between husband and wife ended with Erik having his manhood stuck in the hole where the doorknob should go. Ouch!

  1. Erik had taken some “performance-enhancing drugs.” According to him, he took the pills to keep up with Katie, who’s got a pretty high libido. “It’s really hard to keep up with Katie’s amazing sex drive. Unbeknown to her, I had been taking some male enhancement medication. I had to make sure I was ready for the ‘surprise’ later so I decided to take a little bit extra,” he recalled.
  2. Katie was turned on by Erik’s DIY skills. She’d been encouraging him to do a bit more around the house and he jumped on it. The first task? Putting a new doorknob on the bedroom door. He’d already drilled the hole when Katie started getting a bit turned on. “I was sitting in bed reading a book and Erik came in. He had everything going, he was sweaty and manly,” she said.
  3. Erik put his manhole in the door as a joke but it quickly turned sexual. Katie admits she was “shocked” at how ready to go she was when she saw Erik with his bits where the doorknob should be and she decided they needed to have sex right then and there. However, that’s when things started to go wrong.
  4. Sadly, Erik got stuck in the door. “Erik took so much of the ED [erectile dysfunction] medication that it caused extra swelling to happen. The door knob hole was not big enough for his penis in that state,” Katie said. Erik added: “My penis was stuck in this door hole and I’ve never been in more excruciating pain in my entire life.”
  5. Paramedics had to cut Erik free of the door. Talk about embarrassing! Erik’s penis was going purple in the door and paramedics warned him that it would continue to swell and he might lose the appendage altogether if he wasn’t freed soon. They cut a square hole out of the door and took him to the emergency room, where thankfully he and his manhood were saved. “I was so unbelievably embarrassed,” Erik admitted. Bet they won’t be trying that again soon!
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