Man Encourages Kids To Call Wife “Miss Piggy” To Encourage Her To Lose Weight

A woman who recently gave birth to her third child has revealed her husband instructed their two older children to call her “Miss Piggy” so that she would lose weight. Reddit user u/throwaway1368989 revealed on the AITA sub that she’s been struggling with shredding pounds since giving birth in October 2020 largely because she has postpartum depression. Something tells me her terrible husband’s behavior isn’t helping with that.

  1. She’s shared her struggles with her husband. OP’s depression since having the youngest child has been so bad, she struggles to even get up in the morning let alone work out. She shared how she was feeling with her husband and he seemed to get it, but clearly not. “I get next to no sleep attending to my children and most mornings, I can barely get out of bed, much less drive to the gym. It’s been a dark few months for me. I’ve told these things to my partner “Dave” (43 M) and though he said he understood, I don’t think he really does,” she wrote.
  2. Her husband makes passive-aggressive comments about her weight. OP went on to say that her husband makes snide, “jokey” comments about her appearance that really upset her. “Though never explicitly stating it, he makes jokes and comments that imply I’m lazy and that he’s no longer attracted to me,” she shared.
  3. OP wants to lose weight, but her husband is going about it in a weird way. After sharing with her husband that she does indeed want to slim down a bit, her husband vowed to help. However, instead of helping, he’s turned incredibly cruel. “Last week, I broke down to him about not being able to lose the weight, and he said that he would push me to do so because he loves me,” she recalled. “Since then, he’s taken a ‘Biggest Loser’ approach and started calling me ‘Ms. Piggy’ and has instructed all of my friends and family, even my kids, to do so. I hate this nickname, but he says it’s supposed to motivate me to lose weight. I think he really believes it’s going to help me, but I feel really undermined while parenting because of this nickname.”
  4. The kids began oinking at her during a family dinner. OP became so frustrated and so upset by the treatment her kids were exhibiting towards her that she shouted at them and they started crying, leaving her husband to blame her for upsetting them. Way to project, jerk.
  5. Pretty much everyone agrees: OP’s husband is a major jerk. Humiliating someone into losing weight not only doesn’t work, it’s incredibly cruel and not something you do to anyone, let alone someone you love. Hopefully instead of ditching weight, she ditches the husband instead.
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