Man Ignores Violent Gas Station Kidnapping Happening Inches Away And Just Watches

Man Ignores Violent Gas Station Kidnapping Happening Inches Away And Just Watches South Salt Lake City Police

If you were the victim of a violent crime in public, you’d like to think that anyone who was around to witness it might intervene on your behalf. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for a Utah woman who was violently kidnapped at a South Salt Lake gas station – a man who was getting gas inches away simply watched as it happened and did nothing to help.

  1. The woman was dragged away kicking and screaming. According to surveillance footage released by South Salt Lake Police, you can see a petite woman being chased by a man through the parking lot of the gas station as the witness watches on. She screamed for help, but still he did nothing.
  2. She did everything she could to get away. In addition to approaching other customers pumping gas, she even rolled under the suspect’s truck to try and escape him, but she was dragged out and thrown into the SUV before being driven away.
  3. Someone did eventually call 911. An Amber Alert was put out as police originally believed the girl to be a juvenile, though it was later revealed that it was simply a petite woman. After a medical evaluation upon her recovery and the suspect’s arrest, she was thankfully okay, though likely shaken.
  4. Thankfully, the suspect was caught. Carl Gravitt, 22, was eventually arrested and charged with kidnapping, assault, car theft, and possession of drug paraphernalia. We have somebody in custody who is violent, who took somebody against their will,” South Salt Lake Police Department spokeswoman Danielle Croyle told the local KSL News. It was later revealed that the pair had been dating for roughly eight months and the incident was considered to be domestic violence.


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