Man Praised For Taking Terminally Ill Friend’s Virginity Before She Died

A 31-year-old man has been praised for taking his friend’s virginity before she died. The anonymous man took to Reddit on the one-year anniversary of the woman’s passing, sharing his story and revealing that while he sometimes felt bad about it, he was ultimately glad to have “given her something before she left.”

  1. The man’s friend was on his mind. While she passed away a year ago and her death was expected given that the woman was terminally ill, OP admitted that he “can’t stop thinking about” the woman who was his friend for six years before she died from aggressive cancer.
  2. The woman didn’t do much in the months leading up to her death. As OP explained, his friend wasn’t interested in undergoing anymore chemo and simply wanted to “enjoy the time she had left.” He added: “Before that she was also kind of a homebody who was only close to a small group of friends which was us.” That’s how the topic of sex came up in the first place.
  3. She didn’t want to die a virgin. OP went on to state that one night while the friend group was drinking, the woman admitted to him that she was a virgin and didn’t want to die that way. However, she also didn’t want to have sex with a stranger for the sake of it – she wanted it to be with someone she trusted. She then asked OP if he would be that person. “She didn’t force me to do anything I didn’t want to, she asked but was willing to drop it and pretend it never happened if I decided no,” he wrote.
  4. OP worked hard to make the experience “extra special.” They booked a nice hotel room, put candles all over the room, and generally tried to set a very romantic scene so that his friend would have a memorable time. “Was the first time I ever had sex with someone I loved but wasn’t in love with if that makes sense. It was still a very intense experience. Not in a bad way. There was still lots of emotions,” OP revealed.
  5. Sometimes OP feels guilty about having sex with his friend. He noted that “she seemed so happy she got to lose her virginity to someone she trusts” but admitted that he still sometimes feel guilty and wonders if he took advantage of her and was wrong for saying yes. However, he’s ultimately glad he was able to “give her something before she left.”
  6. Redditors were behind him 100%. “I think you did a wonderful thing. She wanted to experience something with someone she cared about and that’s exactly what you did,” one person wrote. Another added: “I’m sorry she died and also sorry you lost her. But you put her in a position better than most people’s, and you were one of the only people in the world who could have done that for her.” A third person wrote: “This is a beautiful beautiful story man. you did so right by her. I’m sorry for your loss, She seemed like an amazing woman.”
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