Man Who Correctly Predicted Date Of Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Has Warning For King Charles III

A man on Twitter who correctly predicted the date of Queen Elizabeth II’s death earlier this year has got a new warning about when King Charles III may end his reign. Logan Smith, who posts as @logan_smith526, tweeted on July 6 that the Queen would pass away on September 8, 2022, and that’s exactly what came to pass. Now, he’s got a new prediction.


rip to logan i know the british are coming for him #thequeen

♬ my tears ricochet – Katelyn

  1. Smith believes King Charles III only has a few years left. Updating his original tweet, Smith claimed that King Charles III would pass away on March 26, 2026. That’s less than four years away, which would make Charles roughly 77 years old at the time of his passing, if it were to come true.
  2. People are freaking out about this. Because Smith somehow got the date of the Queen’s death correct, they’re wondering if there’s something he knows that they don’t. “RIP to logan I know the British are coming for him,” TikToker @zukosburnteye remarked in a video talking about Smith’s tweet. Another person added; “Hope not for King Charles.”
  3. Smith has since made his Twitter account private. After the original tweet blew up, he decided to lock his account from the general public, likely because he was getting too much attention. Then again, making such serious predictions so publicly is bound to garner interest, so what did he think was going to happen?
  4. Here’s hoping King Charles III has many years ahead to reign in peace. He seems pretty spritely, so fingers crossed he stays that way!
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