Man Proposes To Girlfriend In Crowded McDonald’s And Gets Brutally Rejected

A man decided that a crowded McDonald’s was the perfect place to propose to his girlfriend. However, he ended up getting brutally rejected in front of everyone, and to make matters worse, the whole thing was caught on video.

  1. The clip is incredibly uncomfortable to watch. You can’t help but feel for the man as the woman looks at McDonald’s employees with absolute shock. You can even hear some of the workers try to convince her to say yes, but she just shakes her head no at him, obviously mortified at the public display.
  2. The woman gets into a heated conversation with the man. While it’s impossible to know what she’s saying to him, it seems like a safe bet that she’s admonishing him for getting down on bended knee in a McDonald’s, of all places. She then storms out of the restaurant as other diners boo.
  3. The man stayed for his food. While you would think he’d run out as well to catch his lady, that didn’t happen. The man stayed and waited for his order to be ready before eventually leaving the McDonald’s.
  4. Most people on Twitter were on the woman’s side. They admitted that being proposed to in public is manipulative and that having someone pop the question at a McDonald’s is an automatic no. “If u propose to ur gf in front of a McDonald’s u definitely deserve to be rejected,” the commenter wrote. Another joked: “She said Mc-No.”
  5. Some even noticed a wedding band on the man’s finger. While it can’t be seen clearly, some people see a wedding band on the man’s hand, which may explain why the woman had no interest in marrying him! “Wait, is this man trying to take a second wife?… I see a ring,” one person wrote. Whatever the woman’s reason for refusing him, it’s clear things didn’t work out as he would have hoped!

First KFC now MCds 😭 Hhayi bafwethu #fyp

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