Man Pulls Out Own Teeth With Rusty Pliers After Being Unable To Get Dentist Appointment

A British man was driven to pulling two of his own teeth from his mouth with rusty pliers after he was unable to book an appointment to see a dentist. Chris Savage, 42, from Portsmouth, called the experience “the most horrible thing I’ve ever done” but felt he had no other option to stop the terrible pain he was in.

  1. Savage had been in agony for days. However, he was unable to register with a dentist or even book an emergency appointment anywhere, so he felt he had no other option but to remove the teeth himself. One was so painful that even touching it with the pliers sent off waves of torture, the Mirror reports.
  2. He had to get extremely drunk to do it. Savage, who works as a laborer, admitted that he needed to down eight cans of Stella Artois before he felt remotely ready to pull the tooth out. The second tooth came out a day later, but this time he did it without alcohol to mask the pain.
  3. This man deserves a medal! “I ended up having to get very drunk the first time. Nobody wants to take part of their own face away with a set of pliers and no real painkillers,” Savage recalled. “I put the pliers on my tooth and the second I did that it hurt. So I took them away, waited five minutes, built up again and then thought I’ve just got to do it.” I know I couldn’t bear it, so I can only commend him for his bravery!
  4. He knew there was a risk of infection, of course. But Savage said getting rid of the horrendous pain was totally worth it. And, although it didn’t bleed too much after he removed the tooth, he said there was “enough to be scary.”
  5. He didn’t have the money to pay privately to remove them. It would have cost him about £100 per tooth, and given that he only receives £50 per week for food and bills, this was too great of an expense. As for the public, NHS-funded dentists in his area, none of them were taking on new patients which left Savage to make his choice. “The squelch noise as you pull it out is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I thought ‘I’ve made a big mistake here,'” he recalled. “Then 10 minutes later there was a massive relief, but I couldn’t do that second one.”

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