Man Who Spent $20,000 To Look Like Barbie Can’t Find A Girlfriend

A Czech tech expert who spent nearly $20,000 to look more like Barbie is struggling to find a girlfriend after his transformation. Honza Šimša, 26, started getting fillers injected back in 2017 and has now had the procedure 20 times, totaling 90ml in his face. However, while he’s pleased with his new look, it seems the ladies aren’t all that convinced.

  1. Yes, Šimša is straight. He identifies as a man and is only sexually attracted to women. During work hours, he tends to dress in more typical masculine attire, but after he clocks out, all bets are off. That’s when he puts on his lashes and wigs, high heels, and dresses.
  2. Sadly, straight women tend to be confused by him. Šimša doesn’t find his after-hours look to be problematic in the slightest, but he does admit that most women struggle to come to terms with seeing him in a romantic light because of it. “I’m attracted to women, but some girls do have a problem with my look, as it can be confusing for them,” he explained. “I am single right now, and perfectly fine with that.”
  3. He’s looking for a very specific type of woman anyway. He won’t just go for anyone. In fact, he wants his other half to mirror his Barbie style. “I like the girls I date to have the same look – the plastic Barbie-doll look,” Šimša said. He added that he plans to go even further with his transformation, saying, “I still liked myself when I looked more typically masculine, but I am even happier now and would still like to have more surgery.”
  4. He’s gone to great lengths to get where he is today. One of the biggest procedures he’s undergone is a lift lip that took him all the way to Slovakia. “I had wanted the procedure for a while, as it makes lips look much bigger than if you were just to have filler,” he said. “It took me some time to find the right surgeon. I spoke with several and many thought that what I wanted wasn’t possible. Then I found a doctor in Slovakia who was able to help. During the procedure, he cut the skin around my top lip and pulled it about 9mm higher up my face. The recovery was tough, but I was really pleased with the results.”
  5. Some people are very cruel about Šimša’s look. There is still a lot of hatred and cruelty towards those who are different, and Šimša has experienced a lot of it. “Some people still have very old-fashioned attitudes and because I looked like a guy, but have big lips and wear makeup, I would get a lot of attention – which was not always positive,” he admitted. “I know my look is extreme and because I have had problems with jobs in the past because of it. Now when I go to work, I look masculine, wear manly clothes and no makeup.” Hopefully people will become more accepting in the future!
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