Man Successfully Sues Parents For $75,000 After They Destroy His Extensive Adult Film Collection

A Michigan man has successfully sued his parents for $75,000 after they destroyed his “extensive” collection of pornography and sex toys. Beth and Paul Werking of Grand Haven, Ottowa, were ordered by U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney to pay their 42-year-old son David for the destruction of the items after he moved out of their house earlier this year, proving that “justice” truly is wild.

  1. David’s collection was not only extensive, it was obscene. The lawsuit claimed that Beth and Paul had destroyed “1605 DVDs, VHS tapes, toys, and other paraphernalia and materials in 2018,” according to The Independent. While David valued the collection at around $25,000, but his lawyer claimed David’s parents should cough up more for the items, “which [he] believe[s] are warranted given the wanton destruction of the property.” The lawyer added: “This was a collection of often irreplaceable items and property.”
  2. The items were destroyed after David’s short stint back at his parents’ house. David moved back in with his parents for 10 months following his divorce. However, they eventually asked him to leave, and he left his porn collection behind, at which point his parents got rid of it all.
  3. Paul Werking admitted to destroying the collection. According to, Paul wrote in a September 2019 email: “Frankly, David, I did you a big favor by getting rid of all this stuff.” However, given other information that would come to light, you can sort of understand Paul’s position.
  4. Much of David’s porn collection was extremely offensive. Some of the items, which his parents kept in a safety deposit box as they felt it might be illegal, according to The Daily Mail, were described as “the worst of the worst.” Much of the content was described as involving underage girls or even family members.
  5. David had a history of porn addiction. In one email to his son, Paul wrote: “Back in high school you joined a gang that made its money by distributing pornography to underage boys. I am sure that you remember the day when Mom and I discovered this and put a stop to it. At that time, I destroyed all of your pornography and reported your activities to Pickerington High School officials and other parents. I also warned you that if I found pornography in my house again I would destroy it.” Needless to say, it seems clear that David has had some pretty questionable proclivities from an early age.
  6. David apparently lied to his parents about his porn. David’s father also accused his son of having abused his ex-wife Mary for 10 years and of lying to his parents when they kindly allowed David to move back in with them temporarily. “We were not surprised that you lied to us about having pornography because you lied to us every day about other things for the entire ten months that you lived with us,” Paul wrote. “However, we were amazed at the magnitude of the lie. We counted twelve moving boxes full of pornography plus two boxes of ‘sex toys’ as you call them.”
  7. It’s unclear whether David’s parents will actually have to pay up. While Paul and Beth did indeed admit to destroying David’s porn collection, they claim they had the right to as landlords, especially since they repeatedly told David not to bring it into their house. Both parties have until February 2021 to outline damages and other documents for further litigation.

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