Woman Reveals Man Tried To Tell Her What To Wear On Date — And It Only Got Worse From There

A woman on TikTok has revealed a nightmare experience she had going out with a man who tried to tell her what to wear on their first date. Margaux, who posts as @margauxrita_ on the app, uploaded a video in which she shared a text she received from a guy telling her to put on jeans and a black sweater when she met him. While she didn’t listen to his suggestion, she did actually go out with him, and that was her first mistake.


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  1. Why should a guy get to decide what a woman gets to wear on a date? Sounds pretty ridiculous, but that didn’t stop the unnamed man from sharing his suggestions. “So this guy invites me to dinner and he texts me that night, he goes: ‘Just wear like jeans and a black sweater or something like that,” Margaux says in the video while sharing a screencap of the text. Who does this guy think he is?
  2. Margaux just assumed this was a “suggestion.” While she did realize that the man’s request was “oddly specific,” she thought there was no way he could be serious. Either way, she had no intention of indulging him, saying, “No one’s going to tell me what to do.” She decided to wear something else on her date. Needless to say, he didn’t take it all that well. Margaux went on to explain: “So I don’t wear that and I get to the restaurant and he doesn’t even say hi. He just goes: ‘Well, that doesn’t look like a black sweater.'” Um…
  3. Margaux wanted to delve deeper into the guy’s psyche. She says that she “really should have left at this point” but for some reason stayed and it “got so much worse.” What was this guy’s fixation with the fashion request anyway? “I asked him why it was such a specific request. He goes: ‘I just think women look best in a black sweater and jeans.’ Yeah well, good thing I didn’t ask right?”
  4. Things got even worse from there. Margaux also said that she told the guy she’d been thinking about dyeing her blond hair back to her natural color, which was dark. However, the guy apparently told her that if she did, he would never speak to her or see her again. At another point in the date, he also called her “uncultured” for not liking raw fish.
  5. Unsurprisingly, Margaux won’t be seeing him again. She later revealed in a follow-up video that this was actually their second date and that their first was nearly as disastrous, as he sent back a dish and asked for staff to remake it since he doesn’t like cilantro and onions. He also tried to force-feed her sushi and was really rude to the waitstaff and valet. As one viewer remarked: “It was so nice of him to show you his red flags so soon!”

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