This Massive Inflatable Pool Blows All Those Other Kiddie Pools Out Of The Water

When I was a kid, having an in-ground pool was the total dream. It was the ultimate status symbol, the thing that proved you’d made it in life. While I still don’t have the land or the money to get one installed in the back yard of my current house, I’ve now shifted my focus and really want to get this giant inflatable pool that puts kiddie pools to horrible shame.

This thing is huge. When you hear that this is in an inflatable pool, chances are you’re thinking it’s easy to just hook up a little electric pump to and hop right in. However, I don’t think you understand quite how big this thing is – it’s 30 feet long, 21 feet wide, and 47 inches deep. Created by Zodiac Pool Systems, it also comes with its own ladder and pump. Trust me, you’re going to need that pump.

You can use it above ground or install it properly. Because this thing is so big, you’re likely not going to want to be inflating and filling it and then deflating and emptying it regularly. That’s why it’s great to know you have the option to fit it like an in-ground pool or just use and keep it above ground long-term.

You can store it in winter to keep it in good condition. While you’re not going to want to keep moving this gigantic inflatable pool, you might want to store it away in winter to keep it in like-new condition, especially if you live in an area with harsh weather at the end of the year.

Needless to say, it’s pretty expensive. Buying this giant inflatable pool isn’t cheap. You’re looking at £12,995.00 ($18,035), which is no small feat. Given that getting a traditional in-ground pool installed can run anywhere between $28,000 and $55,000, this is certainly a more economical option, and it looks cool too!

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