You Can Get Matching Pool Floats For You And Your Dog And You Definitely Should

No one could blame you for wanting to spend all summer long by or in the pool, but your dog shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun, right? This year, why not include your four-legged friend in your water-based activities by buying matching pool floats for both you and your pup? They’re seriously the cutest things ever.

The floats come courtesy of Funboy. The company specializes in all kinds of pool floats, from giant cabanas and golf carts to mega yachts and gold swans. However, the matching dog and owner floats are probably my favorite since I’m obsessed with my dog and want him with me 24/7.

This bundle is perfect for up to two adults and maybe even a couple pups. Depending on the size of your dog, the pup yacht, which measure 63″ long and 27″ wide, could fit more than one. As for the human yacht, it’s actually marketed as a “daybed for two” and is over nine feet long, so you can share it with someone special if you’d like.

You can inflate these bad boys in minutes. Using a hair dryer on the cold setting or an electric pump, you can be up and running with your person and dog floats in less than three minutes. That’s pretty quick!

If you’d like to get your own, you’ll have to be quick. They tend to sell out really fast, though you can always sign up for an email notification if they are out of stock and they’ll let you know when they’re available again. The bundle will run you about $150, which is a total steal. Alternately, you can buy the doggy yacht and the human one separately.

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