Maury Povich Launching At-Home Paternity Test Called ‘The Results Are In’

Maury Povich Launching At-Home Paternity Test Called ‘The Results Are In’ Fox

For those of us who grew up in the ’90s, Maury Povich and his infamous paternity tests were total classics. Day after day, people who’d been wronged by (or who had wronged) their partner came on to prove that their child was indeed the son or daughter of a no-good, lousy cheat. The storylines were intense, dramatic, and frankly, probably made up much of the time. Nevertheless, I’ve never heard of more perfect branding than Maury Povich releasing his own line of at-home DNA tests called “The Results Are In.”

Povich, now 84, teamed up with the DNA Diagnostics Center, the DNA testing lab who used to do all the results for his talk show back in the day, for the new business venture. However, given that the show is no longer in the air and most people don’t want to air their dirty laundry on national television, the at-home testing option could come in handy.

A press release said that the Maury Povich at-home kit will provide customers with “affordable, accurate, and reliable paternity testing from the comfort of their homes.” It claims the results 99.999% accurate and are available within two days of testing, according to TODAY.

Povich believes there’s a huge gap in the market for such a product, saying: “I’ve seen firsthand how DNA testing can change lives and bring families together. With ‘The Results Are In,’ we’re making it easier and more affordable than ever before for people to get the answers they need.”

NBC News senior medical correspondent Dr. John Torres, who has no connection to “The Results Are In,” says that these types of at-home testing kits are actually “very reliable.” However, he noted that the ease of obtaining such a kit could be complicated as someone could theoretically submit such a test without a person’s permission. Uh oh!

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