I May Not Be Perfect, But I’m Worth It

I May Not Be Perfect, But I’m Worth It ©iStock/bagi1998

Finding love is hard when everyone’s looking for perfection. It seems like we’ve all got a checklist and so many of us are falling short, hoping that sooner or later, we’ll finally fit someone’s criteria and they’ll fit ours. I’ve been told time and time again that I’m amazing, perfect, everything they want in a woman, but there’s something missing. It’s ridiculous. I may not be perfect, but I’m worth it.

  1. I come with flaws, but I’m always working on them. I won’t always meet everyone’s standards, but I’m always going to build upon and grow the ways I’m not perfect and remember that I’m only human. You might not see the ways that I’m beautiful and choose to focus on the ways in which I need work, but that’s OK, because the only person that should really care about what I need to improve on is myself. I’ll own my flaws and I’ll always strive to be better, even if it mean’s doing it alone.
  2. I’ve accepted my weaknesses, and that makes me strong. I’ll own every fault and I’ll embrace every part of myself that doesn’t operate smoothly, because I know that the challenges in life only make me stronger in the end. I’m never going to be perfect, but the more someone knocks on my imperfections, the more my weaknesses become strengths, because I’m learning to better accept myself.
  3. I’ll say stupid things, but I’ll always apologize. I’m not always going to say the right things, and sometimes I might be downright dumb and speak without thinking. I might hurt someone’s feelings or bruise some egos, but I’ll always apologize and I’ll learn from my mistakes. I’ll be sorry I’m not the vision of effortless you were hoping for, but I’ll be proud of the fact that I’m real and that even though I screw up from time to time, I’m trying to do better.
  4. I’ll fail constantly, but I’ll always keep trying. I’ll never give up, no matter how many times I fail, because I know that eventually someone will take a long, hard, beautiful look at me and see the whole picture. I’m not perfect. I’m not everything on the checklist but the give is worth the take. It’ll be OK that I’m flawed because that’s what makes me a work of art. Even the most perfect paintings can be boring. Sometimes it’s the true colors and the inconsistencies that make masterpieces.
  5. I’ll get angry and upset, but I’ll also smile and laugh with complete gratitude. Sometimes I’ll scream and sometimes I’ll be intolerable, but I’ll also be genuinely happy in the moments that I’m smiling and I’ll always be grateful for the moments that I’m laughing. You can’t truly appreciate the good things in life without the bad, and a great relationship is no different.
  6. I’m not the cover girl, I’m the story. I’m not the girl on the cover that everyone wants to be with. I’m not the angel on the runway that everyone’s dying to have a chance with. I’m the woman in the crowd with the story about how I got there. I’m the woman who’s faced challenges; I’m the woman with flaws and I’m the woman who shows up and gives it my everything, even when I have every reason to give up.
  7. To the right person, I’ll be worth the imperfections. You can have your search for perfection, because I know that the life I want will be imperfect, which is perfect for me. Because life isn’t supposed to come without challenges, and real love isn’t the product of no effort; it’s exactly the opposite. No matter how many times I’m faulted for my imperfections, I know that I’m worth loving. When someone finally accepts all the ways I’m not perfect, I’m going to love that person more than ever, because they’ll be my flawed version of perfection, too.