Signs It May Be Time To Ditch Your Fairytale Dreams & Get Real

Signs It May Be Time To Ditch Your Fairytale Dreams & Get Real ©iStock/Susan Chiang

At a very young age, you were taught that Prince Charming will show up when you least expect it and sweep you off your feet into a world of love and magic. He’ll be everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Those fairytale ideals were great and dandy while you were young, but now you’re a grown woman and it may be time to make room for a good dose of reality. Here are a few signs that’s the case:

  1. Your dates constantly end badly. There’s a possibility that it’s not you, it’s them, but at some point, you have to recognize that you might be part of the problem. If you’re always having horrific dates, you might need to re-evaluate yourself and your expectations.
  2. Your friends and family tell you that you’re too picky. When the people who know you the best think that your expectations are ridiculous and unrealistic, that’s when you know you have a problem. Do yourself a favor and listen to them. It’s good to have standards, but you need to make sure they’re not unrealistic.
  3. “I don’t want to settle” is always your excuse for turning guys down. It’s great that you know what you’re looking for and are intent on finding it. What’s not so great is that no one seems to meet them. That should be a wake-up call that you’ve set the bar unrealistically high. You definitely shouldn’t settle for less than you deserve, but it’s worth considering what exactly you think that is and whether it actually exists.
  4. Being single bums you out. Your fairytale dreams have made you incapable of being alone, so the single life really depresses you. In order for you to perk up, you need to cuff a guy — he might not have all the qualities on your list, but who cares?
  5. Your inability to make a move is hindering your love life. It’s 2016 — it’s okay for you to make the first move. This isn’t the place where a prince kisses your hand and asks you to dance. If you see a guy you like, you don’t do anything about it because you still believe that love is about Disney romance.
  6. The absence of chivalry annoys you. This is definitely a sign that you need to let go of your fairytale hopes. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but chivalry is dead. I mean, there might be a few guys out there that would gladly hold the door open for you, but he’ll probably want you to go dutch on dinner. If this is something that bothers you, you’re going to have to get over it — especially if you want to find true love.
  7. Dating apps weird you out. Swiping right is the new way to meet people. It may not be the best “how we met” story but it’s not unusual. Online dating is here to stay and it makes finding your ideal guy a whole lot easier.
  8. You don’t realize that there’s no such thing as perfection. It’s true. Perfection doesn’t exist. Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel got it all wrong. Fairytale romances are false dreams that adult women should let go of. The sooner you realize it, the better off you’ll be.
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