McDonald’s Is Adding Glazed Pull-Apart Donuts To The Menu Just In Time For Fall McDonald's

McDonald’s Is Adding Glazed Pull-Apart Donuts To The Menu Just In Time For Fall

Listen, I know fast food isn’t all that healthy and that it’s not something you should have very often. I try to eat a relatively balanced and whole food-based diet and make my own meals at home. However, sometimes I want something quick, tasty, and quite frankly, kinda not great for me. That’s when I go to McDonald’s. While you can’t beat some nugs and fries, McDonald’s is releasing glazed pull-apart donuts in time for fall, so I might have to change my next drive-thru order.

McDonald’s isn’t really known for its sweet stuff. Save for the McFlurry and the classic apple pie, of course. Generally speaking, when you head to Mickey D’s, it’s likely for something salty like a burger and fries. However, the release of the pull-apart glazed donuts shows they’re not forgetting about those of us with a sweet tooth.

The McCafe Bakery is not messing around here. Each of the donuts has a glazed coating and while they come together, each of the little nuggets is meant to be torn from the rest to be eaten individually. I don’t know about you but I’m hungry just typing about them.

These are sadly limited-edition. While McDonald’s already has Apple Fritters, Cinnamon Rolls, and Blueberry Muffins as part of its McCafe offerings, the pull-apart glazed donuts are the first limited-edition item on the menu, which means they (very sadly) won’t be around forever.

You can get yours starting September 1. While McDonald’s hasn’t said how long they’ll be available, the fast-food chain has revealed that these tasty treats will be available at locations nationwide beginning on September 1, and that’s not too far away. It may take a little longer for them to be sold at every single location (and in fact not all locations will participate in the promotion) but they’re well worth seeking out.

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