McDonald’s Has A Cinnamon Donut Ball McFlurry That’s Like Two Desserts In One

McDonald’s Has A Cinnamon Donut Ball McFlurry That’s Like Two Desserts In One McDonald's

I feel like we can all agree that McDonald’s McFlurrys are one of the most delicious dessert options out there (when the ice cream machine is working, that is). Whether you like the Oreo variety or prefer something a little more fancy, they’re always a solid option for satiating your sweet tooth. Well, McDonald’s in Australia has taken things up a notch by releasing a Cinnamon Donut Ball McFlurry that looks way too good.


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  1. Seriously, why isn’t this being done worldwide? McDonald’s Australia is really onto something here because this sounds way too delicious. The Cinnamon Donut Ball McFlurry consists of their classic vanilla soft serve, some Oreo pieces, and hot fudge sauce. However, the fun doesn’t stop there: four cinnamon donut balls top it all off for basically two desserts in one.
  2. It’s only available for two weeks. If you do happen to be fortunate enough to live in Australia at the moment and can get your hands on one of these, you’ll have to be quick because the Cinnamon Donut Ball McFlurry won’t be around for long. “Dive into our limited edition Donut Ball McFlurry. Creamy soft serve topped with Donut Balls and hot fudge sauce. But hurry, it’s only available via Uber Eats for just 2 weeks,” the company wrote on their Instagram page. For the record, that two weeks started on November 4!
  3. McDonald’s Australia has had donut balls for a while now. The donut balls alone have been a menu item since earlier in 2020. They come in a pack of five with hot fudge dipping sauce and cost about $2. They’d be delicious even on their own!
  4. That being said, you could always make your own! Because you can buy McDonald’s Donut Balls on their own as well as an Oreo McFlurry, when the official combo does leave the menu, just order one of each and make your own Cinnamon Donut Ball McFlurry. Sounds like a good idea, right?


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