McDonald’s In Japan Is Selling An Item Called ‘Adult Cream Pie’

When traveling, I generally try to hit up local restaurants/establishments that serve food I wouldn’t normally get at home. That being said, I’m not above hitting up a McDonald’s overseas to check out the different items on their menu, and despite the unfortunate name, I would totally try the Adult Cream Pie currently being offered at McDonald’s in Japan

mcdonald's japanMcDonald's Japan

They actually look really good. The pies come in two varieties. You can get an adult cream pie in Belgian chocolate or sweet fromage. They’re hot, they’re crispy, and they look delicious. They just have a bit of a problematic (or at least hilarious) name.

The chocolate one sounds especially tasty. According to the McDonald’s Japan website, the Belgian chocolate variety is described as “crispy puff pastry kneaded with cocoa powder…packed with chocolate cream using Belgian chocolate. A cream pie that fills the hearts of adults with a balance of chocolate sweetness and bitterness.” I’m sold!

The sweet fromage variety is also promising. It’s described as a “crispy pie crust kneaded with Parmesan cheese…packed with sweet cheese cream using cream cheese. A cream pie that fills the hearts of adults with a balance of sweetness and saltiness of cheese cream.” I’m not sure about parmesan in a sweet pie, but I’d be willing to give it a try.

Because it’s McDonald’s, the adult cream pies are really affordable. They’re on sale for 150 Yen, which is about $1.36, so you can totally afford to try one of each without breaking the bank. I recommend trying a Teriyaki Mac while you’re there as well, among other things. Their menu is crazy big and totally different to US McDonald’s!

So are the pies specifically for adults or what? With the translated name of “adult cream pie,” the insinuation here is that these pies appeal to more mature tastebuds, which I suppose would be the case with the fromage pie in particular. As for the chocolate variety, don’t kids love chocolate? I don’t know, but now I’m getting hungry.

mcdonald's japanMcDonald's Japan

mcdonald's japanMcDonald's Japan

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