McDonald’s Is Selling Katsu Chicken McNuggets With Curry Dipping Sauce McDonald's

McDonald’s Is Selling Katsu Chicken McNuggets With Curry Dipping Sauce

We’re all different people with our own thoughts, opinions, and feelings, but there’s one universal thing the most sensible among us can agree on: McDonald’s chicken McNuggets are tasty as hell. In fact, they’re one of the best things on the menu. And just when you thought they couldn’t possibly get any better, McDonald’s is releasing Katsu McNuggets complete with curry dipping sauce later this month!

mcdonald's katsu nuggetsMcDonald's

Katsu Curry is made for chicken. Literally, when you get it at any Japanese restaurant, that’s generally what it comes with, so infusing it with McDonald’s McNuggets is a marriage made in heaven. In fact, I can’t believe they didn’t think of it earlier.

The description alone sounds way too delicious. As you can probably imagine, McDonald’s Katsu Curry-flavored Chicken McNuggets consist of 100% chicken breast meat in a crispy Katsu Curry-flavored panko breadcrumb coating. The Sweet Curry dip that comes with it adds a little something extra delicious and completes the dish. McNuggets count as a dish, right?

They’re extremely limited-edition. Sadly, these won’t be on the menu permanently – you’ll only be able to get them for six weeks starting on December 30. They’ll be available in boxes of six, nine, and 20, though I don’t know why they bother with smaller portions as obviously a 20-piece is the only right answer here.

Oh, and one more thing: they’re only available at McDonald’s UK. These won’t be available Stateside just yet – you’ll need to live in England, Wales, or Scotland if you want to get your hands on some Katsu Curry-flavored McNuggets. However, if they do well, you never know – maybe they’ll take them worldwide!

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