McDonald’s Manager Reveals What Grimace Really Is All These Years Later And People Are Officially Confused

Pretty much everyone is familiar with McDonald’s infamous cast of characters. Ronald McDonald is obviously the most famous, but Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese, and of course Grimace are pretty recognizable, as well. However, while the first few are relatively easily identifiable as human, no one really ever knew what Grimace actually was… until now. A McDonald’s manager has revealed the truth and frankly, I’m really confused.

Brian Bates, a manager at a McDonald’s in Canada, shared the news. Bates has worked at McDonald’s for more than 10 years and decided to just sorta casually drop the bombshell about Grimace’s background when chatting to CBC News.

So what is Grimace, really? Is he a gumdrop? A nondescript monster-type character with no real identity? Nope. “He is an enormous taste bud, but a taste bud nonetheless,” Bates said. Apparently, this is because Grimace was meant to convince customers that McDonald’s food tastes delicious.

Some people believed that Grimace is a milkshake. Despite the fact that Grimace literally looks nothing like a milkshake, McDonald’s has repeated this tale as a possibility on Twitter when responding to fans over the years who’ve asked about the character’s identity.

People were totally stunned by this. Once word about Bates’ interview got around, the response on social media was immediate and full of shock and awe. “My entire world view has been upended. I mean, I never knew what the hell Grimace was, but I didn’t think it was THIS,” one person wrote. Another added: Liked it better when I had no idea what Grimace was.”

Frankly, I think the best response I read was that his name is Grimace because that’s the face you make when you eat McDonald’s. It is a bit of a bizarre choice to name the character meant to show how delicious the food is “Grimace” given that it’s not exactly a positive adjective…

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