McDonald’s Is Selling Bowls Of Melted Cheddar Cheese For The Ultimate Dipping Experience

McDonald’s Is Selling Bowls Of Melted Cheddar Cheese For The Ultimate Dipping Experience Instagram/EXPERIMENTAAERJ

Whenever I want to eat something ridiculously unhealthy but super delicious, McDonald’s is definitely my go-to place. Double cheeseburger (no pickles), large fries, Diet Coke, and a McFlurry for dessert? Perfect lineup. I tend to settle for ketchup when it comes to dipping my fries, but McDonald’s in Brazil has totally changed the game by selling bowls of melted cheddar cheese sauce and now I’m desperate to try it.

  1. The possibilities are endless. Frankly, I love cheese so much that I could just eat this with a spoon, but when McDonald’s Brazil announced the addition of their 3.5 oz. cheddar cheese bowls on December 8, suddenly a whole world of possibilities opened up.
  2. You could dip OR pour here. While it’s probably a little more prim and proper to dip your fries or a piece of burger into the melted cheddar bowls, you could also theoretically pour the cheese all over your fries for the ultimate experience. Pouring it onto your burger is probably too messy an experience, but I’m not here to rain on your parade!
  3. It would go well with McNuggets too! If you’re not a burger fan and instead prefer McDonald’s nuggets or tenders more, you don’t have to miss out! There’s nothing a bowl of melted cheddar cheese won’t go with (except maybe the aforementioned McFlurry), so use your imagination here and go crazy!
  4. Sadly, it’s not available in the US just yet. While this isn’t available at any McDonald’s locations in America or anywhere else in the world but Brazil, I think we should all keep our fingers crossed here that the execs will realize it’s perfect for pretty much any and every market.

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