McDonald’s Is Selling Pots Of Big Mac Sauce For A Limited Time, So Stock Up

McDonald’s Is Selling Pots Of Big Mac Sauce For A Limited Time, So Stock Up McDonald's

What is it about McDonald’s Big Mac sauce that’s so delicious? It’s basically just a mixture of mayonnaise, relish, mustard, and vinegar with some garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika thrown in, but somehow they manage to combine those ingredients in just the perfect proportion that I’ve never been able to replicate at home. Thankfully, now I can stop trying because McDonald’s is about to start selling little tubs of straight-up Big Mac sauce for a limited time only.

  1. There are 50ml of sauce per pot. That’s about 1.7 oz, so you’re not getting a ton of Big Mac sauce here — probably just enough for a sandwich or two. However, it also means they’re perfect for traveling, so you can throw a couple of them in your bag to take with you wherever you go.
  2. They go on sale on February 12. That means you have ample warning and can get ready to load up on Big Mac sauce when the pots go on sale in a couple of weeks time. McDonald’s says the pots will be available for a limited time only but hasn’t said how long that actually is, so you’ll probably want to stock up.
  3. However, Big Mac sauce only has a shelf life of a week. That means even if you bought a ton of the stuff — and McDonald’s staff is indeed expecting some bulk orders and potentially selling out of the pots — you’ll have to consume it pretty quickly before it goes off. I’m not sure how it would freeze, but you could always give that a try if you wanted to preserve it…
  4. Unfortunately, it’s only on sale in the UK. The 50ml pots of Big Mac sauce are unfortunately only going on sale in McDonald’s in the UK, where they’ll be sold for 50p and will be “available 24 hours a day.” However, again, McDonald’s warns that “when they’re gone, they’re gone.”
  5. Hopefully, McDonald’s in the US brings this out too. Imagine how much extra money they could make! Come on, McDonald’s, make it happen!
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