McDonald’s Worker Filmed Putting Hands Down Her Pants Before Preparing Fries

A TikTok video has gone viral as it shows a McDonald’s worker putting her hands down her pants before preparing french fries. In the clip, which has more than 2.6 million views and 10,000 comments, shows account owner 21-year-old Kelsey Kwiatkowski from Springfield, Missouri putting her hand down the back of her pants and seems to scratch her butt before carrying on with preparing the fries, and people really weren’t happy.



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  1. The “customer” doesn’t seem bothered. The person filming the video seems to ask for his food, at which point Kelsey takes her hands out of her pants, scoops up some fries, and hands them over. Because the “customer” doesn’t seem to care about eating food from someone who just had her hands down her pants, but that’s probably because…
  2. It’s one big joke, obviously. Kelsey seems to really like jokes, so it’s clear this was a prank meant to be funny. She definitely got the viral response she wanted given that it exploded so quickly, but it’s also kind of a corny thing to do. As you can tell from the comments section, people are more outraged and disgusted than anything else.
  3. One thing’s not a joke: she did this on the clock. Sure, she didn’t serve an actual customer these fries, but she is on shift at McDonald’s in full uniform and she did put her hands down her pants. That’s inappropriate and unhygienic however you slice it, and I’m hesitant to believe that she actually went and washed her hands after the clip was taken.
  4. This isn’t her first inappropriate video. Other videos on her TikTok account show her sitting in a booth at McDonald’s and smoking a cigarette, dancing on the countertops with her shoes on, etc. Given that all these clips are publicly available and I can’t believe no one has complained, you have to wonder how she’s kept her job.
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