McDreamy Scented Candles Exist For The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fan In Your Life

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy, chances are you may or may not have a little crush on Dr. Derek Shepherd, AKA McDreamy. He’s one of TV’s most iconically hunky characters, and now you can have a candle that smells exactly like him… or at least one that will remind you of his heroic work at Seattle Grace and Grey Sloan.


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Our McDreamy candle was featured on @popsugar and we couldn’t be more escstatic!!! 🤩 Truth be told, we are still mourning the loss of Derek all these years later😭 Here’s hoping your Friday brings unexpected surprises ✨ 📷Photo by the lovely Robin @featherlyreads, who we’re hoping ACED her Anatomy Test👩‍⚕️⚕️ . . . . . . . . #iheartpopcandles #candles #popsugar #featured #greysfandom #greysanatomy #greysanatomyseason16 #mcdreamy #derekshepherd #patrickdempsey #meredithgrey #ellenpompeo #youremyperson #greysanatomyfans #factsforgreys #greysanatomyquotes #medicalschool #seattlewashington #greysanatomybrasil #greysanatomyfan #internship #nurse #greysloanmemorialhospital #doctor #medicalhumor #derekandmeredith

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  1. It doesn’t smell like doctor sweat and aftershave. That’s probably a good thing. However, as Etsy seller ilovepopcandles describes on the item’s description page, it “smells like a fresh Seattle breeze off the ferry boat on a beautiful day to save lives.” Basically, it’s sea salt and sea air and that’s an amazing scent.
  2. There’s even a little picture of McDreamy on the candle’s label. That means you can stare at a miniature little graphic of McDreamy in his scrubs every time you look across the room at the candle as you drift off into reveries you read about in all that Grey’s Anatomy fanfic you have bookmarked. It’s OK, no shame here.
  3. There’s even a Meredith candle to go with it. If you want to complete the set, you might consider picking up the Meredith candle, which smells like “a dark and twisty, Harper Avery winning, chief of general surgery, who was married on a post-it-note.” In other words, it’s lemon and clove-scented.
  4. It only costs $20, so it’s a great gift option. If there’s someone in your life that really loves Grey’s Anatomy and/or McDreamy, they would definitely love to receive one of these candles. Not only will it make them laugh because hello, it’s hilarious, but it’ll also make their home smell nice, so it’s doubly awesome. You can even pick up a few of them for several different friends/family members, because you’re bound to know more than one fan of the show.
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