Men With These 10 “Feminine” Qualities Make Great Partners

Men who don’t feel the need to act manly make the best partners in so many ways. If you’re lucky enough to date a guy with these 10 stereotypically feminine qualities, you might never want to let him go.

  1. He gets fashion. “I don’t know, they all look fine,” he says when you ask which outfit he likes best, scrolling uninterestedly through his phone. But not if you date a guy who cares about fashion! This special man won’t complain when you take a while to get ready, he’ll sympathize with you on days when you don’t feel cute, and he’ll give valuable input when you can’t decide what to wear—all because he goes through all those fashion struggles too. Plus, he’ll actually enjoy those trips to the mall, and—most importantly—you’ll NEVER catch him in a tuxedo T-shirt at a wedding.
  2. He’s not afraid to cry. For centuries, men have been discouraged from showing their feelings. Unfortunately, all that suppressed emotion can result in toxic behaviors like excessive irritation and anger or just plain apathy. Although times are changing, crying is still one of the bravest things a man can do. So do yourself a favor and date one of the courageous ones. From weeping at funerals to sobbing with you at the end of The Notebook, your boyfriend’s willingness to cry is an indicator of his emotional health, which will make all the difference in your relationship.
  3. He’s a great caregiver. Have you dated guys who believe that the best policy when you’re sick is to leave you alone until you get better? Not even a text saying “Get well soon, xoxo”? It’s a myth that men can’t be nurturing, but it’s one that all too many men—and women—believe. Date one of the enlightened ones—one who will go on pharmacy runs, cook up a pot of chicken soup, and turn on a movie and sit with you while you doze in and out just in case you wake up and ask for a glass of water or a mug of chamomile tea.
  4. He can do girl talk. Men aren’t known for being great at discussing who in your friend group dumped who, which celebrities just got surprise-engaged, or what that snippy comment your sister made really meant. That’s what you have gal pals for, right? Consider dating one of the guys with an appreciation for a little gossip now and then. If he looks forward to curling up on the couch with a hot drink and analyzing the day’s events as much as you do, you have a winner.
  5. He bakes. It’s 2018, and by now a lot of men have at least some cooking chops. But for some reason, baking is still largely a woman’s world—which means that if you feel a late-September chill in the air and start craving a batch of pumpkin muffins, it’s probably all up to you. That is unless you’re dating the rare Man Who Bakes. Imagine waking up to a batch of freshly baked cinnamon rolls or coming home to a steaming pan of brownies. Find yourself a man who’s handy with an oven mitt and all this could be yours. It might not be good for your cholesterol, but it’s good for your soul.
  6. He has an eye for home decor. Some men would be content for their homes to have all the decor of a cinder block jail cell. Maybe they know the walls need something but they can’t fathom what it is. Enter the guy with an eye. He won’t leave all the decorating up to you or ask why you even care. He innately understands the importance of creating a space infused with beauty, comfort, and personality, and his sense of color, shape, and feng shui will have you kicking off your shoes and letting the day’s worries melt away the minute you walk in the front door.
  7. He’s good with kids. Kids aren’t for everyone, but being able to interact well with children is a good sign that someone is laid-back enough to push a swing or spin a merry-go-round, and imaginative enough to pretend that said merry-go-round is a magical ship on an ocean of lava. Find a guy who doesn’t subscribe to the idea that interacting with children is just for women. If kids love him for joining in their games and silly antics, you’ll know you’re with a truly kind-hearted soul.
  8. He likes getting flowers. There’s no gift that expresses thoughtfulness, romance, and elegance quite like a bouquet of well-chosen flowers. Too bad you can’t give this special gift to your guy… or can you? While the idea persists that flowers are exclusively a gift from a man to a woman, a truly open-minded man can receive a bouquet with joy. He senses all the unspoken meaning attached to a gift of flowers, and he enjoys the element of natural beauty in his home.
  9. He appreciates chick flicks. Even if you love action movies, we can all agree that the good old-fashioned romantic comedy is an essential film category, especially after a rough day. But if your boyfriend is one of the multitudes of men who can’t get behind these movies, then you may be limited to watching them with your friends—or alone. You’re a lucky woman if your boyfriend is as enthusiastic as you are about ordering a pizza and curling up to immerse yourselves in the clever script and romantic suspense of When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle. And you’re even luckier if he can appreciate one of the trashier rom-coms now and then.
  10. He says what he’s feeling. It’s a tired old cliché that men don’t talk about their feelings, which is why it’s so disappointing when it comes true. A guy shows that he’s mature and self-aware when he’s willing to have a deep conversation about his thoughts and feelings. He knows it’s healthy for him to talk things through, and he shows how much he values your relationship when he keeps you in the loop. Plus, by having Real Talk with you, he’s proving that he sees you as a friend in addition to a partner. There’s no better foundation for a real and lasting relationship.
Olivia Freeman is living overseas with her partner in fun & stupidity (aka her husband). While she loves life as a traveling twenty-something, she's living for the day when she can own a cat or four.