Men Hired To Fulfill Sexual Machete Fantasy Break Into Wrong House

Men Hired To Fulfill Sexual Machete Fantasy Break Into Wrong House iStock/Motortion

Two men in Sydney, Australia narrowly escaped prison time after things went extremely wrong during an attempt to fulfill another man’s sexual fantasy. One of the hired men, Terrence Leroy, was found not guilty in NSW District Court of intending to intimidate with a weapon after he and his colleague broke into the wrong house armed with machetes. Eek!

  1. Wait, what happened here? Essentially, two men were hired by another guy from Goolgowi, in western NSW near Griffith, on Facebook to fulfill his sexual fantasy of being tied up in his underwear and having a broom rubbed on him in a hostage-type situation. As Perth Now reports, the men were happy to oblige, but when they went to do their “job,” they accidentally broke into the wrong house, scaring another guy, who called the police.
  2. The machetes were just a prop. While the specific details weren’t given by the Goolgowi man as to how he wanted things to go down, the men he hired decided machetes would make a nice touch, and they’re not wrong! However, once they left the wrong house and got to the right one, they left the weapons in their car.
  3. The men were going to get $5,000 for the job. That’s no small chunk of change! According to Judge Sean Grant’s acquittal decision, the client had a “history and proclivity for engaging the services of people” and considering how well he was paying, I don’t imagine he had much trouble finding them!
  4. There was a weird address mixup… The men hired by the client didn’t just go to the completely wrong place on their own. In fact, when the deal was first set up, the client provided one address which he later updated when he moved to another house. The hired men ended up on the street the client used to live on before realizing their mistake, The Guardian reports.
  5. At least they were polite! After busting into the wrong house, they ended up waking a guy who had sleep apnea, likely frightening him half to death given that the two men were standing by his bed with machetes. Once they confirmed the man’s name was not the name of their client, they apologized with a quick “sorry, mate” and were on their way.
  6. They did eventually make it to the client’s house. It seems as though the transaction was eventually completed, and the client made bacon, eggs, and noodles and Leroy slept on his couch for a while before police turned up. What an experience!
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