Men Are Getting Laser Hair Treatment On Their Private Parts More And More

While women have always been the biggest users of laser hair removal treatments for those pesky strands in unwanted areas, the cosmetic procedure is becoming more and more popular with men, who are using it to remove hair from their mankini area.

  1. The trend seems to be among millennials. The increase in men seeking laser hair treatment for their private parts is being seen among men between the ages of 24 to 45, so it’s a relatively new thing, to be fair.
  2. This is happening in New York, so it may not be true across the board. Christian Karavolas, a laser specialist and owner of Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal in Midtown Manhattan, opened his clinic in 2002 and said that in the past couple of years, the percentage of male clients he has on board has risen to 40%. That’s insane!
  3. It’s called the male Brazilian. While women are all too familiar with the Brazilian bikini wax/laser treatment, the male counterpart is the “brozilian” or the “mankini” and it aims to remove hair from the “base of the penis, the shaft, the testicles, and the perianal area, namely the butt crack,” according to the New York Post.
  4. It makes sense that men are seeking this kind of treatment, if you think about it. According to Karavolas, “The reason we do the perianal area is because some guys have a lot of hair there, so when they go to the restroom, a lot of things get stuck there. When they have no hair, they don’t have that issue.”
  5. Women do it too, so why not men? “I think what it boils down to for me is that if she’s going to do it — and I like the way it looks on her — then I should do it for myself because, you know, it’s only fair. It also just makes sense,” said 44-year-old Boris, a business owner who started getting the treatment because his wife wanted him to.
  6. Men aren’t immune to models and influencers. Andréa Young, the owner of Beam Laser Spa in Midtown Manhattan, revealed that men are wanting laser hair removal other places on their bodies as well, largely because of what they’re seeing on social media. “Oftentimes they come in and they’ll pull out their iPhones and they show a picture of either a model that has what they’re looking for or somebody straight off of their social media that they may be following,” she said.
  7. It is a bit expensive and somewhat painful. Treatments start at about $350 per session and you generally need about six sessions to get the desired result. Not only that, but “the old coin purse” hurts the most, which makes sense given how sensitive the skin there is.
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