People Are Making Merry-Go-Rounds For Their Pet Chickens Out Of Old Bike Wheels And They Love It

People who have pet chickens are passionate about them and spoil them just as much as those who own dogs or cats go overboard for their pets. Just because they’re chickens doesn’t mean they don’t have amazing personalities and like to have fun while roaming about their backyard, farm, or garden where they live. That’s why some chicken owners are making merry-go-rounds for their birds to enjoy when they’re feeling a little bored!

  1. Yes, chickens get bored. While you might think they’d be content to just wander aimlessly, chickens need activities to keep themselves occupied and avoid boredom. This can lead to very bad consequences, from pecking each other to pulling out their feathers and other problematic behaviors. Why not take a few simple steps to keep them occupied?
  2. Turns out, chickens love merry-go-rounds. While picturing a chicken on a merry-go-round is pretty hilarious, the reality is actually just sorta cute! Chicken owners Shelly Collins and Harold Logan Jr. are just two owners who love to spoil their birds and used spare bike tires to build them an amazing little contraption to ride.
  3. Making one of these is pretty easy. All you need to do is take the wheel off a bike and attach it to an area in or around the coop that the wheel can spin. You’ll be shocked to see that the chickens will hop right on and go for a ride without much prodding. While they might not be able to go “Wheeee!” as they’re spinning around, you can bet that they’re thinking it!
  4. Chicken merry-go-rounds are in high demand. As Harold told Bolde via Facebook Messenger, sharing the merry-go-round on social media has made the requests come pouring in for more of them! “I made this for our girls to help with boredom. I used the rear wheels of a push mower and made a frame and mounted it to a 4×4 in the run. The girls are in it every day,” he explained. “I’ve made a few of these for friends. Now I have thousands of people wanting them now! It’s going viral – too funny!”
  5. If you have chickens, why not spoil them? They’re beloved pets just like cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. and they deserve to be spoiled too! Looks like these ones certainly are!

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