I Met My Forever Person When I Was 20 And I Didn’t Miss Out On A Damn Thing

I consider myself a very lucky person in general, but especially in love. I met my forever person when I was just 20 years old and I’ve never looked back. I know that the common advice is to stay single in your 20s and I think that works for a lot of people. However, I don’t regret settling down when I was so young — especially since I was doing anything but settling.

  1. We made a joint decision. We decided we’d stay together as long as we were happy, in love, and both wanted to make it work. After all this time, all three of those things still apply. I haven’t ever wondered what I was missing out on. I know he’s an amazing catch and we have a great relationship, so there’s no need to get back out there and see what I’m missing. I’m not missing anything special.
  2. Nothing is holding me back and it ever will. You might think that sticking with one person from such a young age would hold me back from great opportunities, but that’s not the case for us. We moved across the country together and we’re both pursuing our dream jobs. We still have our separate interests and hobbies, as well as joint ones. I recently traveled solo for two weeks. Just because I’m in a relationship doesn’t mean I’m willing to give up on my dreams or that I’ll hold him back from his.
  3. We continue to grow together. After seven years together, we haven’t grown apart or gotten bored and I’m so thankful for that. It just proves to me even more that we’ve made the right decision to stick things out for the long haul. I know that people change a lot in their 20s as they discover who they are. Luckily, we’ve both been able to do that and we’re still a good match.
  4. We get to experience everything there is to experience together. Success, failure, love, loss, sickness, health — we have each other to help keep us afloat. There have been tough times, for sure. When we first moved from Florida to Colorado, things kind of sucked. We both had crappy jobs which paid very little money and we were living in a basement studio where we could loudly hear every single noise anyone made in the building above us. To be honest, it was miserable and WE were miserable, but somehow, we made it work.
  5. I have the best support system. If I want to do something crazy like take a solo two-week road trip, I have a cheerleader in my corner. When I’m down or sad, I always have someone who’s uplifting and encouraging. I make a lot of mistakes, just like anyone else, and it’s good to know that I always have someone who has my back.
  6. I’m never alone. If I’m going through a hard time or having a quarter-life crisis as many of us do in our 20s, I know I have a shoulder to cry on. I don’t ever have to worry about not being able to find someone who understands me because I’ve already found that. Having that safety and support net to fall back on makes all the difference.
  7. Traveling is the best thing ever. Traveling is a huge part of who I am. I get stir crazy and can’t sit still, but being able to travel with someone I’m comfortable with — and more importantly, with someone I love — is something truly special.
  8. The horrors of the modern dating scene make me glad I’m not in it. There’s nothing wrong with being single, but it’s not appealing to me at all. I’m a serial monogamist, but so what? My single friends tell me all about how awful it is to date in your late 20s and I’m really glad I don’t have to go through what they do. I don’t regret sticking with my dude and not venturing out into the (dating) world unknown.
  9. I can truly be myself with him. I’m one of those outgoing introvert types. I can be social when I want to be with people I know well, but not all the time. In private, I can truly be this goofy, ridiculous, crazy person that I am without judgment or hesitation. Being with someone who I can be myself with is the best feeling in the world.
  10. We’re best friends forever. We’ve gotten past the honeymoon stage and things are no longer all kisses and romance, but that’s okay because now it’s something better. We’ve created an unbreakable bond and have a deep friendship. I can honestly and happily say that I’ve found a partner for life.
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