Michael B Jordan Confronts Reporter Who Once Called Him Corny On Red Carpet

Michael B Jordan Confronts Reporter Who Once Called Him Corny On Red Carpet YouTube/Morning Hustle

Michael B Jordan is currently doing the rounds to promote the new “Creed” movie, which is coming out on March 3. However, not every experience he has with the press is a positive one. In fact, during a recent red carpet interview, Michael B Jordan called out Lore’l from “Morning Hustle” for past comments she made about him.

Lore’l starts the interview by introducing Michael B Jordan to “Morning Hustle” listeners and reveals that she used to go to school with him in Newark. That’s when Michael replies, “[I was] the corny kid, right?” Yikes!

Trying to diffuse the situation, Lore’l claims that she was “misquoted for sure.” She insisted: “I did not say that!” However, Michael wasn’t having it because he heard it with his own ears. Talk about awkward.

When did Lore’l call Michael B Jordan “corny”?

According to Complex, it all went down during a 2021 episode of the “Undressing Room” podcast. Lore’l’s co-host described the actor as a “nice, corny guy” who managed to bag Lori Harvey.

If you think Lore’l’s being unfairly targeted, you’ll have to hear her reply. She said: “You know what’s so crazy? I went to school with Michael B Jordan at a point in life. And to be honest with you, we teased him all the damn time because his name was Michael Jordan. Let’s start there, and he was no Michael Jordan. And he also would come to school with a headshot. We lived in Newark, that’s the hood. We would make fun of him like, ‘What you gonna do with your stupid headshot!?’ And now look at him!”

Admittedly, it wasn’t Lore’l who called Michael B Jordan corny, but she also didn’t exactly say nice things about him.

Back in the present, Lore’l tried to pull things together by complimenting Michael for “obviously killing things out here.” She also got to ask a few questions about his career before telling him, “Well, you’re not corny anymore.” Girl, no!!

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