Michaels Is Offering Free Online Crafting Classes For People Of All Ages

Thanks to the pandemic, many of us have found ourselves trying out new hobbies in order to fill the endless amount of time we have at home. Crafting is, without a doubt, one of the most popular pastimes people have come to enjoy, and now you don’t have to do it alone! That’s because arts & crafts giant Michaels is offering free online crafting classes for people of all ages. Awesome!

  1. The classes are held via Zoom. All of the classes and programs are an hour long and they hold them at various times of the day so that there are convenient times for everyone. They’re held via Zoom, just like pretty much everything else these days, so you can log on just before they get started and craft along with the instructors. That sounds like fun.
  2. There are plenty of types of classes to take. Whether you want to learn about hand lettering or make adorable bracelets to give to all your friends, Michaels’ crafting classes really do have something for everyone. You could even learn how to crochet a shawl or do some painting with oil colors. The options really are endless and the list is well worth a scroll through.
  3. The classes are for all ages. All of the classes Michaels is offering are open to all ages – there are no specific requirements to join in. However, they do have specific classes that are geared at younger crafters in particular. For instance, the Kids Club Online classes are recommended for children three and older, while the interactive Camp Creativity offers some summer activities for when your kids are done school for the year.
  4. There are a few things to note before you get started. For one thing, each of the classes is only held once. That means if you can’t make the class at the specified time it’s being held, you won’t be able to replay it later as it won’t be available on demand. In addition, you’ll need to make sure you have all the supplies you need to complete a given class’s project. The list of materials is available in the class description and of course, everything you need can be bought at Michaels.

You can browse all of Michaels’ online class offerings HERE. Happy crafting!

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