This Middle Child Candle Has A “Largely Invisible” Scent — Talk About A Burn!

Middle children have it rough. Not only are they more likely to be total nightmares, they also tend to get ignored a lot of the time. Their parents don’t obsess over them like they do first-born children, nor do they baby them like the last-born. They end up feeling somewhat invisible sometimes, just like the scent thrown off by this middle child candle.

It actually smells like purple haze grape. How strong that scent is remains to be seen, and probably no one will notice because hello, who ever notices what the middle child does even when “your hair is neon pink and you dress like you’re in the Matrix,” as the product description reads?

You get 60 hours of burn time. That should be plenty of time to contemplate your existence and wonder why your older sibling is an angel in your parents’ eyes and they spend all their time babying your younger sibling even though they’re nearly an adult.

If you’re not the middle child, this makes the perfect gift for someone who is. Whether your best friend is a middle child or you have an older or younger sibling, this would be a hilarious gift for them to open on Christmas morning. Is it a little rude? Yes, but it’s also hilarious and they need to stop being cry babies about it.

So far, there doesn’t seem to be an oldest or youngest child version. Probably because both of those positions in the family aren’t nearly as hilarious (or invisible) as the middle child seems to be. Middle children are often mythologized and the butt of many jokes, but that’s only because we love them. If you want something unique and funny this holiday season, you need to grab this candle while you still can. It’ll make you laugh (or cry) every time you light it.

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