I Might Be Strong & Independent But I Still Like To Be Taken Care Of

I’m a strong, independent, capable woman but occasionally I like the feeling of someone looking after me and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It takes a special someone to bring out that level of comfort in me but when I’ve found it, I love being able to let myself be vulnerable enough to let my partner take the reins, at least temporarily.

  1. It Takes Strength To Show My Vulnerability. It takes courage to show my weaknesses and vulnerabilities, especially to someone whose opinion means so much. I find just the thought of revealing those private parts of myself intimidating, so when I do pluck up the courage, it reassures me that my S.O. loves me completely.
  2. I Like Knowing I Can Rely On My Partner. I love feeling secure in the knowledge that I can break down or be emotional and he’ll still be there without judgment. Being a strong person carries the burden of nobody giving me the chance to let go when I need to because I’m always so in control. Having a guy who gives me that opportunity only makes me love him even more.
  3. It’s Comforting To Know That Somebody Wants To Look After Me. I spend a lot of time taking care of those around me. Whether they need a shoulder to cry on or a direction to be pointed in, I’m proud of the fact that people trust me enough to come to me in their moment of need. When somebody does the same for me, I understand the commitment and patience that is needed to take on that role. It comforts me knowing that there’s someone in the world willing to put himself out there for me like that.
  4. Even Strong People Need To Feel Supported. No matter how strong I am, there have been moments when I’ve wished for nothing more than someone to put their arm around me and tell me that everything will be okay. Always having to be the strong, silent type is taxing and sometimes I need to feel that somebody else will carry the load for a while.
  5. It Makes Me Feel Valuable. If a guy takes time out of his day to focus on my needs then he shows just how valuable I am to him. Perhaps it sounds a little egotistical to think that in that moment I’m the center of his world and it doesn’t actually even matter that that isn’t the case — it just matters that for those few minutes it feels like it.
  6. It Makes Me Feel As Though We’re Equals. If one of us is always leading and the other blindly following, we’re hardly on equal footing. I want to feel as though I can have as many up and down moments as my guy does without feeling as though I’m burdening him. I’ll always support him during his tough moments, whichever direction they take. I’d just like to know that when I need it, he would do the same.
  7. I Know He’s In It For The Long Haul. If he can see me at my lowest, most emotional, potentially mentally unstable point and still stand beside me, telling me he’s going to keep me safe for as long as I need, then I can trust that he’s in it for the long haul. Anybody who’s only into the gloss and glamor of the relationship would take off long before the first tear falls.
  8. I Like To Feel “Feminine.” Once upon a time, it was expected that a man would take on the role of knight in shining armor and the lady would assume her place as the damsel in distress. Obviously, those days are long gone — and that’s definitely a good thing for the most part — but very occasionally I would like to feel that if I so had the desire, I could.
  9. I Get Tired Of Leading The Way. Naturally strong personalities are just expected to take the lead in any relationships whether they be work, friendship or romantic. But in all honesty, it’s tiring. Being the one others look to for direction and purpose is exhausting! I have days where I’d be more than happy to take a back seat and let someone else point the way.
  10. I Like Knowing I Can Trust Him With My Other Self. It’s reassuring to know that I can show all of me without worrying that a guy will run for the hills or attempt to take advantage of me when I just need to cocoon myself for a while. If I’ve taken the time to show that side of myself to him, he needs to understand that I’m trusting him and putting my faith in him. Those are things that can never have a value placed on them.
Maggie is a freelance writer based in Perth, Western Australia. When she isn't swigging wine straight from the bottle, she is busy procrastinating on her housework. Currently working on her first novel, she is also the creator of The Reverse Housewife and regular contributor to Hub Garden.