Mike’s Hard Lemonade Is Releasing A Pineapple Mandarin Flavor But Hurry, It’s Limited-Edition!

One of the best parts of summer is all the seasonal releases from our favorite food and beverage brands. From Aldi’s Mango Moscato to Dairy Queen’s Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard, I’m all about the limited-edition treats. In the booze department, Mike’s is throwing their hat in the ring with their new Mike’s Pineapple Mandarin Hard Lemonade.

  1. Summer is all about the fruit flavors. Pineapple Mandarin Mike’s is a genius product because it combines two delicious fruity flavors in one bottle to make you feel like you’re on an exotic tropical island even while you’re actually just, you know, sitting on your couch or in your back yard. Hey, I’ll take it however I can get it!
  2. It’s everything you expect from Mike’s with a twist. Mike’s has been a mainstay in the malt beverage game for decades — I used to drink this stuff back in high school and I graduated in 2002, just for reference. The Pineapple Mandarin variation is your classic Mike’s but with a limited-edition yummy twist.
  3. Like other Mike’s flavors, it has 5% ABV. In other words, you’re not going to get wasted off a bottle or two, but enjoying a few over the course of an afternoon is a nice way to get a little buzz while you soak up the sun in your back yard or while you lay on the couch watching Netflix or however you choose to enjoy it. It’s totally up to you!
  4. It won’t be around for long, so you’ll have to be quick. Mike’s Pineapple Mandarin is a seasonal release, meaning it’s probably only going to be around for the summer and then it’ll be gone. Of course, if it proves super popular, it might just come back again next year. Don’t take any chances on missing out, though — I plan on grabbing a few six-packs as soon as I can find them!
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