These Amazing Minibikes Are Built Out Of Old Volkswagen Beetle Fenders

Some people are just too clever and talented for their own good. That’s certainly the case for Brent Walter, a “maker and builder of a variety of things” from Huntington, Indiana. He creates all kinds of cool stuff in his home workshop, but these amazing minibikes made from the fenders of vintage Volkswagen Beetles may be the best thing yet.

The idea was a simple but genius one. Walter had previously remodeled a vintage VW Beetle and removed the car’s four fenders during the process. While most people would just have scrapped the excess metal, Walter had a better idea: why not use the fenders to make something new entirely?

Cue the minibikes! Walter welded the fenders together so that the pieces could sit smoothly over a motorbike frame and motor and it looked great. After all, when have you ever seen a motorbike made out of a vintage Volkswagen Beetle? Probably never. However, being somewhat of a perfectionist, he went back to the drawing board to make a Version Two, which featured “more power, 2″ bigger tires, and more ground clearance for riding in the grass.”

He didn’t stop there. Walter’s Volkswagen Beetle minibike may have been creative enough on its own, but it’s the little touches that took it over the top. He cast the floorboards and the VW logo himself, making this a truly customized project. How are some people so talented?!

Yes, you can actually ride it. While you’re not going to be cruising down the interstate on one of these minibikes, they’ll still get you from point A to point B at a faster speed than walking. Frankly, the speed doesn’t even matter – these things are so cool that just being on one is thrilling enough!

It doesn’t seem like Walter plans on selling these anytime soon. And why would he? He’s having too much fun riding around his house on them with his friends and family to think about turning a profit.

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