Misconceptions People Have About The Woman That’s “One Of The Guys”

Misconceptions People Have About The Woman That’s “One Of The Guys” ©iStock/Georgijevic

When you’re a woman who has a ton of guy friends, you tend to do a lot of guy stuff with them. From watching sports to burping contests and, women who are “one of the guys” tend to get a bad rap — or at least not a very flattering one. Being a guy’s gal is awesome for many reasons, because not only can you get male insight that’s unfiltered and sincere, but you’re also excused from all the ladylike expectations society puts on you. The trouble is, sometimes people have ideas about what a woman who’s one of the guys is really like, and they’re often misconstrued.

  1. We do like girly things. We might rock baseball caps and sports jerseys, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love pink things or shopping at Victoria’s Secret. Not all guy’s girls are sporting Incredible Hulk underwear and wearing just sports bras — we’re just not as concerned about being on point and girly at all times.
  2. No, we haven’t hooked up with all of our guy friends. Just because we hang out with a lot of guys doesn’t mean we’re hooking up with any of them. Because we’re around guys a lot more, we know how to keep them in check and away from crossing the friendzone line, which they rarely try to escape, anyway. It’s just not like that.
  3. We wear makeup. Tomboys totally rock makeup. It could be a simple nude look, or we might craft a smoked out cat eye every day. Don’t assume because we’re one of the guys that we don’t keep our brows on point and enjoy shopping at Sephora.
  4. We drink more than just craft beer. Our go-to bevvy might be the perfect import IPA, but we can still enjoy a stiff martini and glass of wine from time to time. Beer is just easy, and we like to keep it simple most of the time. Plus, it’s easier for us to order rounds when we can just order a pitcher of beer for our boys.
  5. We like chick flicks, too. Yes, we might love action and horror movies, but we also love rom-coms and cute romance movies. We don’t mind the occasional sappy movie moment, and sometimes we might even hole up in our homes for a tear-jerking girly movie, complete with a box of Kleenex.
  6. We like sweet gestures. When it comes to guys we date, we still like romantic gestures and moments, we just don’t need them all the time. We appreciate simplicity, but that doesn’t mean we’re not into grand gestures, either. We can enjoy a romantic dinner just as much as a basket of chicken wings and a bucket of beer in a dark bar.
  7. We have a soft side. We’re not always hard-shelled and stuck in a guy’s mentality. Just because we’re surrounded by a heaping amount of testosterone doesn’t mean we’re not sensitive and emotional like a lot of other women. We can be totally sappy just as much as we’re sarcastic and unfiltered.
  8. We have a feminine wardrobe, too. We might mostly wear jeans and t-shirts, and avoid heels at all costs, but rest assured we own at least a dress or two. Being one of the guys leads people to believe we dress like tomboys 24/7, and while that might be true for some of us (and that’s totally OK), it’s not the case for all of us. Again, it’s just that we prefer simplicity most of the time.
  9. Not every guy we’re talking to is trying to sleep with us. We’re able to make friends with guys easily and it’s really nothing more than that. We just know the male brain pretty well due to our many male friendships. They’re not all trying to sleep with us. We can meet a new guy and make plans to hit the gym with them or catch a hockey game without it being labelled a “date.” Sure, we might have to set the record straight with certain dudes from time to time, but generally, our vibe is well read when we just want a new bro friend.