A Missing Texas Couple Was Found Dead — Then Their Son And His Wife Allegedly Confessed To Murder

A Missing Texas Couple Was Found Dead — Then Their Son And His Wife Allegedly Confessed To Murder Trinity County Sheriff's Office

A missing Texas couple who eventually turned up dead were brutally murdered — and it seems that their son and his wife were the ones who killed them. Clayton Waters was reported missing on September 16 after not turning up at work, but police soon discovered that his wife, Karen Waters, was also nowhere to be found. Sadly, they seem to have met a grisly end.

  1. As soon as the Waterses went missing, police knew something was amiss. CBS-19 reports that authorities immediately had suspicions that their lack of communication was “not voluntary” and that the couple had no plans to travel or be unavailable. A few days later, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office announced that the bodies of Clayton and Karen Waters had been found.
  2. The couple’s son and his wife were later taken into custody. The Sheriff’s Office issued a press release not long after the bodies were found. In the release, they revealed that Jacob Patrick Chrones, 34, and his 35-year-old wife, Esmerelda Aparicio-Rodriguez, had been arrested and charged with two counts of murder as well as two counts of tampering with physical evidence. Chrones is said to be the son of Karen Waters and the stepson of Clayton. It’s believed that they confessed to the murders.
  3. It’s unclear what the motive for the murder could have been. At the present time, police haven’t revealed why Chrones and Aparicio-Rodriguez killed the Waterses. It could be that the suspects haven’t said why or that they don’t want to compromise the course of the investigation, which is ongoing.
  4. Chrones and Aparicio-Rodriguez are being held on $1.55 million bond. They’re still in custody and have not entered a plea at the time of writing. It’s unclear whether either of them has hired or been assigned an attorney to speak on their behalf. They will appear in court in the coming days to answer to the charges.
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