Mission Impossible Cast Members ‘Stopped Breathing’ As Tom Cruise Performed ‘Most Dangerous’ Stunt

Tom Cruise has never been scared to do a stunt while filming a movie, but the one he did for “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning” was so dangerous and extreme that it took his colleagues’ collective breath away. The actor, 61, has always been a daredevil, but even the most adventurous among us would have reservations about this one. The stunt in question required Cruise to drive a motorcycle off a cliff and then parachute away. Yikes!

Cruise was able to successfully complete the stunt in front of his fellow cast and crew members, but even the other actors in the film admitted that the dangerous trick was so terrifying, they felt like they couldn’t breathe.

Pom Klementieff, who plays an assassin called Paris in the movie, told NME that seeing Tom Cruise in action for the “Mission Impossible” stunt was “mind-blowing.”

Meanwhile, Kirby, who plays Alana Mitsopolis, said: “Everyone else was so nervous and fearful, and he wasn’t. I just thought it should have been the other way round.”

“We stopped breathing when he was jumping. And then someone would yell, ‘Canopy!’ you know, when the parachute opens, and we would all cheer and applaud. And then he would do it again.”

Yes, that’s right — Cruise didn’t just perform the stunt once but multiple times! Of course, he’ll be used to doing stuff like that before. It’s estimated that he’s done more than 500 skydives and 13,000 motorcross bike jumps prior to filming this particular stunt, so he was well-prepared.

It seems his efforts have paid off, as “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning” has earned more than $225 million at the box office and has overwhelmingly positive Rotten Tomatoes reviews. It’s clear that fans love his daredevil spirit and seeing the stunts on the big screen makes the franchise really special. It doesn’t look like Tom Cruise will be slowing down anytime soon, whether it’s a stunt for “Mission Impossible” or just a fun day out!

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