Mixed Signals Won’t Make Me Up My Game — They’ll Make Me Up And Leave

Some women might think playing games are cute and makes the dating experience more fun and exciting, but I’m not one of those women. It’s a lot of unnecessary drama and confusion and I’m over it. If a guy wants a woman like me, he needs to be 100 percent real. If he sends me any type of mixed signals, it’s not going to make me up my game or work harder to be with him — it’s just going to make me up and leave instead.

  1. If he takes forever to text back, I’ll extend my reply to never. I’m so over the guys who purposely withhold simple responses just to see how I’ll react. It used to get on my nerves and make me play the same manipulative games back, but I’ve finally realized how annoyingly juvenile that is. If he sets a pattern of taking forever to get back to me or are in the habit of leaving me on read, he shouldn’t be surprised when I never respond to him or make contact again.
  2. I’m not into blurred lines or dissecting intentions anymore. Asking my girlfriends the classic “What does this mean?” is a part of my life I’m done with. I’ve grown so sick of constantly wondering how a guy feels about me or what his cryptic messages and behaviors mean when dating me. It shouldn’t be that way. Real love that’s actually meant to be shouldn’t be so damn confusing. If he constantly leaves me wondering where I stand, I’ll be quick to go back to happily standing on my own without him.
  3. I’ve been there, done that. Perhaps I’ve just finally reached my zero f*cks threshold, but after going through the madness of dating games time and time again, I’ve literally stopped caring. I’ve played the games. I’ve cried the tears. I’ve wasted long hours obsessing about my relationship status and I’m exhausted AF. If it doesn’t come easily and naturally, I don’t want it at all. It’s that simple.
  4. Hot and cold is for water taps, not emotions. When it comes to dating, nothing’s worse than feeling so excited about a guy one day, only for him to be distant the next minute and leave me completely bewildered. Even if it’s a test to see how far I’ll let him pull away before he becomes curious about me again, it’s a lame test to put me through. Why can’t dating just be normal and simple? If he likes me then he should like me in a real way by staying consistent, growing our affections, and deepening the trust between us with actions. I’m not a toy and I won’t be treated like one.
  5. Provoking my jealousy isn’t cute, it’s lame. A guy who throws other women into the mix and expect me to act chill about it are the worst kind of jerks. I see through the BS right away and I know he’s trying to bait me into working harder to prove myself, but it actually works in reverse on me. He can run off and play whoever he wants, but if he has any expectations that I’ll stay involved in a childish game of jealousy, he’s sorely mistaken.
  6. I’m looking for something pure and honest. Honesty and real intentions for a relationship in today’s dating culture are so painfully rare that they may as well be mythical fantasy. I guess that’s why they call the good ones unicorns — they hardly exist. If a guy’s not willing to be upfront with me and tell me straight up that he’s looking for something for the long haul, I wish he wouldn’t waste my time any further. Life is way too short for me to continue wasting my time and energy on anymore short and whimsical dating disasters.
  7. This behavior is a dime a dozen these days. It used to be that searching for love was the norm and hooking up just for kicks well into your adult years was frowned upon, but somehow things have changed. Now, I seem to be one of the rare few that actually believes in uncomplicated, real and genuine love and respect — and yet, I keep encountering jerks who only want to fool me into satisfying their own sense of pleasure. I want guys to stop lying to my face and stop playing the part of what I want only temporarily. He either is the guy I’m looking for or he’s not but I wish he wouldn’t pretend to be someone worthy of me when all he wants is to string me along just long enough for him to complete another conquest.
  8. I’m too busy with my own life to care about petty dating habits. As I get older, I realize the never-ending abundance of crap I have to get done and frankly, I’m so done with pausing my own life to take a gamble on guys who are only playing the field. I don’t have time to work overtime to get a guy to like me in a real way — I have a real life I need to be living and conquering first. If he doesn’t want to be a part of my magic and stand next to me in this journey called life in the most beautiful way, then he needs to just stay away from me altogether.
  9. I’m done with constantly questioning how a guy feels about me. How many times do I have to wonder and dissect if a guy is actually into me? How many times do I have to smile politely and act strong when a guy purposely treats me like an option rather than a priority? It shouldn’t be so damn confusing, and yet women like me are going through this crap every single day. Why? Why is it so damn hard to find a decent guy who isn’t just honest and real but also wants real love the same way I do? Ugh.
  10. If it’s real, it should be simple. I’m a firm believer that if a guy is truly and seriously into me, he’ll drop the act and actually show me for real that he wants me in his life. He’ll tell me honestly. He won’t make me question anything between us. I’ll be the only woman in his heart and mind. I won’t need to dissect his emojis or check to see if he’s been online or paying attention to other women while I wait for him to reply or contact me. Basically, if it isn’t sincere and simple, I want nothing to do with it.
  11. I’m too old for this crap. Maybe I’m old school or maybe it seems like I’m asking for too much, but if honesty and integrity is too much to ask of a guy, I don’t want that guy — period. Like I said, I’ve been there, done that and I’m looking to write a new chapter in life. If he’s not on board with dropping the games and dating me seriously, then I’ll be dropping HIM completely. I’d rather up and further myself than up my dating games and tactics just to get a guy to fall for me.