Model ‘Ordered’ Husband’s Execution At Their Son’s 4th Birthday Party

A model has been accused of ordering her husband’s execution at their son’s 4th birthday party. Camila Marodin is believed to have been living a secret life as part of a drug cartel, holding a senior position within the organization in the town of Matinhos, Parana in Brazil, the New York Post reports. After her husband, Ricardo Marodin, was shot dead, it didn’t take long for police to realize the terrible truth of what happened.

Authorities originally believed Ricardo was the gang leader. It wasn’t until after he was killed that they realized that it was his wife who was the cartel queen. She was very good at hiding her terrible activities, but not that good. Even though she claimed that her husband was killed after he was mistaken for someone else, it became clear soon enough that she was behind it.

Camila was sitting on so much wealth. As part of their investigation, the authorities discovered that Camila owned 13 luxury houses worth more than $547,000 and five luxury cars including a Porsche and two Audis.

She was arrested and charged with Ricardo’s death and the death of two former police officers. Police arrested her as she was on the way home from her mother’s house, where she reportedly hid a Glock pistol that was later recovered by officers buried in the garden.

Camila wasn’t the only one arrested. Military police revealed that they’d been investigating the cartel for years as part of Operation Ostentation. Throughout that time, they’ve seized 39 weapons. However, this has to be the biggest victory yet for the officers. “They showed off in high-end places, with expensive cars and motorcycles,” said Colonel Hudson Leñncio Teixeira, commander of the Parana military police. “They didn’t hide anything they got from crime, drug trafficking, and money laundering.” In addition, 14 more people have been arrested.

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